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Herpes Blood Test

A herpes blood test can detect the presence of the Herpes Symplex Virus antibodies even if a person does not has no visible symptoms. The accuracy of the new kinds of herpes blood test is advantageous for those who are concerned about having contracted the virus or want to integrate this kind of test into their regular health check.

The primary reasons why a person has a herpes blood test done is to identify if the Herpes Symplex Virus, also known as HSV, is the cause of sores or warts in the oral or genital area, to know which type of HSV it is, and if a person who has had sexual contact with someone who is infected has contracted it. Newborn babies of mothers who have genital herpes are also given a herpes test.

Being able to diagnose herpes is easiest with the use of a blood test. Unlike the other herpes test which is a sample collection from the sores, the herpes blood test is typically the preferred method to use by many as it can discover if a person is infected even if there are no visible sores or warts. The HSV antibodies can be detected in as short a period of 4 to 6 weeks after the being infected. If the results are positive, that means that means the person has contracted the virus, is contagious, and it is best that they consult a doctor.

There are older kinds of herpes blood test that are easily available that are type specific, meaning that it can identify if it is the HSV-1 or HSV-2, though these have been called unreliable. There is also the Western Blot blood test, which is not 100% accurate, but is it the one that sets the standard for all the blood tests. ssThere are newer herpes blood test that come in kits that are more accurate.

Taking a herpes test with this method is a simple blood sample collecting procedure. If you have the symptoms of herpes, it is best that you do not have any sexual contact with anyone until after getting the test results. That is because if you are positive, you can spread the disease. A herpes blood test is a quick and easy procedure that ideally should be done as part of your regular health care routine, and when you have any apprehensions that you have been infected with the virus.

How to Test for Herpes

How to test for herpes might be the health concern you have as of the moment. You might have the symptoms such as oral or genital sores or warts or recently had sexual contact with someone who had these symptoms. Yet, the fact is, a person might need to take a test for herpes even if they have no symptoms. HSV, which stands for Herplex Symplex Virus, antibodies can be detected with the use of a simple procedure.

There are two kinds of tests that can be done. The first option is one that requires a swab procedure. This is what is known as a viral antigen test, viral culture, or PCR test. A cotton swab will be used to collect fluid and cells by it being rubbed against the sore. This procedure is typically done on newly formed sores on areas such as the oral cavity or the genitals. This swabbing procedure may cause some discomfort.

The second kind is a blood test. The procedure varies. If it is done in a clinic, the blood will be drawn from the vein in the arm. These can identify the presence of the infection after around 4 weeks. Herpes blood test kits come complete with all the things you need to take the test and simple to follow instructions.

One of the major concerns of people who would like to have a herpes test is anonymity. Home herpes test kits are sterile and accurate. These are herpes blood tests. Many people prefer to take this kind of test as it is less expensive than going to a doctor and it protects their privacy.

One of the reasons why people prefer to have privacy is because there is a certain stigma about herpes. Even in our modern society, if a person has herpes, the possibility of being shunned is very high as it is a categorized as sexually transmitted disease.

At Home Herpes Test Kit

At Home Herpes Test Kit will enable you to get to identify the presence of the Herpes Symplex Virus. A simple blood test, most of the At Home Herpes Test Kits that you can buy are complete. Yet, you must be aware of the fact that not all the At Home Herpes Test Kit which you can obtain from the pharmacy or from online resources are the same.

What makes the primary difference is the accuracy of the At Home Herpes Test Kit. There are a number of At Home Herpes Test Kit for sale which are inexpensive and easy to obtain but these are typically older and the accuracy can be questioned. Typically, these are type-specific to be able to determine if the infection is either Herpes Symplex Virus 1 or 2.

The newer kinds of At Home Herpes Test Kit are more accurate. You have the option to use a sterile and complete At Home Herpes Test Kit to find out if you have contracted herpes even if the symptoms are not yet visible. The detection is possible after one month of being infected.

You have the option to take what is known as a viral culture, viral antigen test, or PCR test but it requires a visit to a physician or going to a laboratory. Also, the sores or warts should have appeared before this swab testing procedure can be conducted.

If you think that you have been infected with herpes because you have gotten in sexual contact with someone that might have it, have the symptoms, or want to take a herpes test as part of your health check routine, find a reliable resource to procure your At Home Herpes Test Kit to ensure that the results are accurate. If the test results are postitive, that means you are contagious from time to time, should abstain from having sexual contact with anyone, and should consult a licensed physician to get treatment.



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